About Us

We are a specialist in wholesale distribution of consumer electronics and consumer goods to customers including retail shops, Hotels, Hospitals and also the government here in our region

With the head office in Las Palmas and another office in Madrid we are poised to serve customers in all around the country

«We want to demonstrate every day that it is possible to satisfy customers with excellent products and sales service».

Mission of Lavish Enterprises

Our Values

We believe that customer is King and should be treated in that manner. Therefore we work around the clock to make sure customer is always happy with us and our service. Hence ‘icare’ philosophy of work ethics is instilled in our tea members

«A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all».

Customer Demand

Lavish Enterprise is in the perfect place to take advantage of the ongoing Developments in Cape Verde and increasing customer demands

With increase in tourism and construction boom, tourists and local population has more disposable income than ever before. Tourists come here for lot of activities like trekking, running, snorkeling, diving, cycling training and above all to enjoy one of the best weather that is there in the world

Our main focus is to provide the increasing number of tourists and residents with world known brands of consumer electronics and consumer goods at excellent prices and the best service. With great success and hard work. We have partnered with over 300 retail stores across the country that sell consumer electronics and to whom we supply regularly.

We have built a good relationship with our customers who have now become repeat customers for our company and pillars of Our growth. All customers, small or big are treated as guests In our journey or professional and personal growth.

The Organization Strength FIT

All the benefits of a wellstructured group with capacity to answer the smallest request in the fastest time possible and as per the customer’s expectations. The communication between the sales, marketing, administration and logistics teams is kept in real time so that orders do not lag behind in terms of delivery.

Every customer is different and therefore must be treated accordingly. However, what matters is that the fundamentals of integrity, empathy and meeting the customer’s expectations are paramount.

«We work tirelessly (even if need be on holidays) to make Sure that the customer and his demands are met and he Stays a happy customer»

Distribution A 360° offer

The world is changing at a very fast pace and so are the buying habits of our customers and therefore we work tirelessly to make sure that we have everything under one roof. If the customer demands it, we consider it our duty to serve the needs of the customers, whilst keeping our suppliers happy.

We are proud distributors of many consumer electronics and consumer goods brands in our region. Here are some of the brands that we distribute regularly

Hard work Speaks

The hard work, sincerity and experience of our company and its team members permits us to offer products and services adapted as per the client needs.

No demand is too big or too small. Lavish Enterprise is your collaborators and custodian to fulfill all our customer’s needs.

Contact Info

Calle Isla de Lobos, 62,
Maspalomas, Laspalmas,
Spain 35100
P: (+34) 682687117
E: info@sociedadlavish.com